Healing Art: 'The Last Bees'


Image of Healing Art: 'The Last Bees'

- soon appearing: This work filmed -

During the very hot summer of 2018 in The Netherlands I was drawn to put the importance about our bees in to the awareness. The importance to give them living space again, as they are here to help us being able to eat plants. Now they are telling more about the energetical way, about this natural system they are responsible for as a provider for our food. It felt as they were dying for a reason, a bigger purpose; to show me that people need awareness on their existence. At that moment I was aware of their message. So I found them all dead on the street and didn't hesitate to put them in an artwork with the healing purpose of 'rapid transformation, the need to take action'. So this work is about you and the need to put your ideas in to action as it concerns an idea for peace, for nature, for bringing light to a dense and harsh thought-proces the collective field is still holding. Bees as Power Animals(the energetic purpose they carry) are asking us to slow down and bring steadiness and wisdom back in to our lives, or help to mirror this quality in live by your performance and inspiration.