About Healing Art

About Healing Art

Who am I ? 

I am a Lightworker performing my divine life mision priceless so I can guide as much people as I can towards finding their own divine life mission To know all about exact content I invite you to check me out on my website: (www.un-imposed.com). 

To balance the giving and taking performing my life mission I sell my artwork here on this website as a financial support. I started out as an Energetic Horsewhisperer, subsequently I started to help young new age indigo adults/children giving advice and guidance. My most important and every day focus is the collective energetic work I do for world peace. It takes me to do energy work by performing lightwork in the collective energy field so I can assist my final call in life; inspiring the human race to LeavingTheSystem. Therefore I travel now and then together with my husband to energetic power places all over the world

Why is my work healing art? 

Every piece of work I make I do from a pure intentional calling I receive. That is the reason I am not showing lots of pieces at a time as I make it by divine timing in divine flow. I am not following the flow of marketing and stress. The work is already linked in divine truth to someone specific when it resonates with you. And that again at  service of someone's personal progress on their divine life path(or the development of it). The energy of the work brings healing and so the world receives healing.

Why am I painting for you?

This is the question I pop in to the universal energy asking for who to paint and by doing so I get inspired, my paintbrush is following this guidance in return. Meaning that I don't paint from my own thought nor ego, I am opening up to what is needed in the collective field in respect of our collective responsibitily. In what humanity needs. What does someone need? What is the environment needing?

I paint for a bigger purpose,